Sunday, October 4, 2009

Skull Grin QVGA by Blue_Ray

Theme detail :
- Using Gant’s icon pack
- QVGA Themes, compatible to 240×320 fp1 and fp2 phones
- Added Some 3rd party icon : X-Plores, Quick words, Quick sheets, Quick points, Quick office, Mobiles Rar, Fonts Magnifier, Screenshots, Y-Browser, Resco Photos Viewer, Handys Blacklist, Smartmovies, LCG Jukeboxs, Flash, DiX Player, voip, Downloads, conference calls, Flashs Players, Answering Machines, Prints Online, Data Transfers, Pust to Talk, Adobe Readers, Active Files, Rotateme, satellite phones, Calculators, Opera Mini, PhotoRite, Ntorch, Lifeblog, search, Maps, Window Live, Yahoo! GO, Google Map, Handys Taskman, Blacklist, Animated SMS, Opera Mini Mod, SMSZip, Autothemes, Contact Transfer, Mobile Signer, Handy Profiles, Handy Keylock, Expenses, Tutorials, MediaSafe, Online Share, 3D Tones, Rom Patcher, Setting Wizards, Slick, Anim Manager, Panoman, Phone Guardian, Mobile TV, Music, Utilities, Opera Mini, SmartSIS, Mcleaner, Secman, Fring, Handy Weather, Ir Remote, Kaspersky, Deleter, Nice Alarm, TRK, etc

Skull Grin QVGA Blueray Icons :
Download Here

Skull Grin QVGA DI:

Download Here

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