Thursday, October 14, 2010

Benz for fp1 & fp2 phone

Benz for fp1 & fp2 phone

- Using Gant’s icon pack
- Adding nokia n95 and other fp2 phone folder icon
- Compatible with nokia fp1 and fp2 phone such as n95, n96, 5320, n82, n73, etc
- Modified some icon style to make suite to background
- Added Some 3rd party icon : X-Plore, Quick word, Quick sheet, Quick point, Quick office, Mobile Rar, Font Magnifier, Screenshot, Y-Browser, Resco Photo Viewer, Handy Blacklist, Smartmovie, LCG Jukebox, Flash, DiX Player, Download, Flash Player, Print Online, Data Transfer, Pust to Talk, Adobe Reader, Active Files, Rotateme, conference calling, Autolock, Core Player, Real Player, N-GAGE, Python, Opera Mini, PhotoRite, Ntorch, Lifeblog, search, Maps, content management, Window Live, contract management software, Yahoo! GO, Google Map, Handy Taskman, Blacklist, Animated SMS, Opera Mini Mod, SMSZip, Autothemes, Contact Transfer, Mobile Signer, Handy Profiles, Handy Keylock, Expenses, Tutorial, MediaSafe, Online Share, 3D Tones, Rom Patcher, Setting Wizards, Slick, App Uid Viewer, Cell Track, Anim Manager, Panoman, Phone Guardian, Mobile TV, Music, Utilities, Opera Mini, SmartSIS, Mcleaner, Secman, Fring, Handy Weather, Ir Remote, Kaspersky, Deleter, Nice Alarm, TRK, etc

Benz (240x320) FP1-FP2 WI
Download Here

Benz (240x320) FP1-FP2 DI

Download Here

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Mobile Application Development on December 3, 2011 at 10:56 AM said...

hey may be this download links are not working. actually i can't download from this link please check this.

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